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Robinho: Brazil is different from City

Before the World Cup match against Ecuador Robinho says he is just as committed to his club as to his country.

´I have the same will at both places but Manchester City is a team and the national squad at Brazil is another. No disrespect to the players at Manchester City, who are very good, but here I play with Kaka, Ronaldinho and it is totally different. Here I play well, but I believe I am playing well at Manchester City. I have scored 11 goals,´ Robinho told at a press conference on Thursday.

Brazil play on Sunday in Quito, at an altitude of 2,800 metres. The Brazilians have previously played three World Cup qualifiacation matches here against Ecuador, but never managed to score.

"We will need to move around a lot to get past the opponents, and the altitude will be a problem. Ecuador is a team that is hard to beat, because it plays as a team, it attacks and defends with many players," Robinho said.
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