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Robinho played 90 min vs Chelsea

Emmanuel Adebayor scored twice in the game against visiting Chelsea. First an early own goal before equalising for his side late in the first half.

Man. City was looking sharp especially in the second half, where they took the lead through a Tevez free-kick, which was in a similar position to Drogba's in the first half. The Argentinean curled the ball past the wall and beyond the Chelsea goalie Peter Cech, who reacted a bit late to the strike. Carlos Tevez's goal was enough to win the game, as Frank Lampard missed from the penalty spot with 10 minutes remaining. A great kick-start for Man. City's push for the Champions League places.

Robinho played all 90 minutes, and in glimpses he showed his huge qualities, maybe reminding Chelsea of what they missed out on, when the Brazilian chose Man. City. Robinho didn't score today against Chelsea as he did in his Premier League debut -which was against Chelsea. Back then it immediately excited the fans. But nevertheless Man. City lost that game. Today they won, both a victory and a re-affirmation of Robinho's commitment to the Manchester City cause.

Fobazo comment: Great to see Robinho is back to full fitness after making his return from injury against Hull City last weekend. Now we just need the goals we know he is eager to score.

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