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Robinho: We will work harder

Robinho says Brazil has work hard to avoid the same performance as against Egypt.

Brazil only won 4-3 against Egypt thanks to a penalty goal from Kaka in injury time. Robinho thinks Egypt deserves credit for equalizing in the second half of the game, but also believes Brazil lost their composure for a few minutes and that cost them two goals.

"In the next game against USA we'll be working hard to make sure we don't make those errors again, because we'll be coming up against another quality team," Robinho says.

If Brazil win they are qualified for the semifinals and in the final Robinho wants to meet Spain as he played for Real Madrid from 2005 to 2008.

"I would like to face Spain in the final. I have friends there and I believe that now it would be the best possible way to end the tournament.´
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