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Robinho: I'm happy at City

Robinho says: "I would like to make it clear to the fans what the situation is, so that they can understand my decision to fly home to Brazil."

"Earlier in the month I made Manchester City aware that I needed to return to Brazil, because of a family matter. The club agreed and I was grateful to them for this."

"Up until yesterday it was my understanding that the club had no problem with my plans."

"I feel it is important to underline that I did not return to Brazil because of the Kaka deal. He is one of my good friends and it would have been great to see him at Manchester City - but it had nothing to do with his decision to stay in Milan."

"I will return to the club and hope to sort out this matter as soon as possible. I am committed to helping Manchester City become the force the owners assured me they will become."
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